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General Services

Undertake all the works of sea shipment and the services of shipping agencies within and outside Libya, which are locally and internationally recognized …

  • Undertake the works of unloading, handling and maritime services for the seaports and ships including supplying fuels, foodstuffs and undertake the business of agency for the companies and shipping lines and agency by commission and clearance for the transport of goods and storing and packing and customs clearance and equip all types of ships, floaters and maritime supplies, charter ships or spaces of ships in favor of the company .

  • Charter carriers related to the transport of oil products, crude and produced oil carriers, gas carriers and heavy oil carriers …

  • Undertake the operations of maritime shipment for the oil equipment and apparatus from and to the oilfields within and outside Libya according to the legislations and conditions in force and locally and internationally recognized .

  • Charter and rent and possess all types of ships, carriers, floaters, cranes, machines, trailers, draggers, equipped trucks, containers and the fixed and towed coolers necessary and appropriate for the nature and tasks of maritime transport necessary for its business .

  • Possess and rent and manage stores, warehouses, maintenance ateliers and floating basins and requirements thereof necessary for the business of the company .

  • Offer all consulting and solutions related to shipment, customs clearance and welcoming ships, offering necessary services thereto and supervise the operations of shipment, unloading and draft and issue and document bills of lading related to the goods .

  • We offer all the logistic services in the field of exports and imports .