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Services of maritime transport

Full load containers FCL

  • Exceptional services

    Short transit periods, secure the presence of spaces and equipment, specialized shipment schedules, full abidance by punctuality, taking advantage out of the peculiarity of electronically exchanging data.

  • Standard services

    Economic shipment services, periodical sailing schedules, possibility to electronically exchange data.

  • "Green" services friendly to environment

    Little carbon emissions, slow vaporization operations, big size steamers, ability to provide the measurement of the carbon print.

  • Partial load containers LCL

    Short transit periods, periodical sailing operations, full abidance by punctuality, electronic sailing schedules, possibility of conduction from door to door, tracking and control services.

  • Huge loads and split transport

    Specialized support in handling huge loads in plane containers or opened from upper and transport projects and split goods.