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Libyan Ports

AMIAL CO. is working to provide its services from Libyan ports to major world ports and vice versa. The company is registered with the Libyan ports mentioned .

Commercial seaports:

Tobruk commercial seaport, Derna commercial seaport, Benghazi seaport, Sirte commercial seaport, Misurata seaport, Khoms commercial seaport, Tripoli seaport, Zuara commercial seaport.


Commercial seaports

Commercial quays in the petroleum ports

Specialized commercial seaports

Petroleum ports

Oil sea platforms

Commercial quays in the petroleum ports :

Commercial quay in Brega petroleum port, Commercial quay in Ras lanof petroleum port, Commercial quay in Mellitah petroleum port .

Specialized commercial seaports :

Iron and steel port ( Misurata ) .

Petroleum ports:

Alherega Petroleum port, Zuetina Petroleum port, Brega Petroleum port, Ras Nalof Petroleum port, Sedra Petroleum port, Zawia Petroleum port, Mellitah Petroleum port .

Oil sea platforms :

Alburi field platform, Algarf field platform .