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Amial Shipping Agencies Ltd Co. is incorporated as per the provisions of the Libyan Commercial Law and Law no .
23/2010 concerning the commercial activity and their executed resolutions and the annexed Articles of Association .
It is one of the Libyan companies that operate in the field of the services of shipping, agencies, logistics, seaports, customs clearing and shipment from the main global seaports to the Libyan seaports and reverse and undertake the processes of entering into contract for the shipment and work in the long-term with the sectors, either the governmental or companies by means of making contracts with real non-advertising competitive prices in line with the type of service and volume of shipments and their international destination and we offer distinguished services to secure the best service for the companies .
Amial Company lays down the interest of its generous customers first whereas it always seeks to provide a series of integral solutions for them in terms of shipment services, following up the shipments, transport, packing, customs clearance and the services of import and export and also the quick export and supply for the oilfield companies by taking advantage out of the local and international experienced elements in this field .
Amial Company seeks to always be on the summit by presenting the best and quick offers with less cost in comparison with competitors thereof .
Amial Company has collected an elite of qualified employees and workers with wide experience in this field in order to offer integral services with modern manner and they are also capable of finding prior solutions for the problems with probable occurrence usually during the process of transport through the study and analysis of all the requirements of shipment in addition to the existence of a youth spirit that casts on our business innovation and permanent evolution .