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Amial Shipping Agencies Ltd Co. is incorporated as per the provisions of the Libyan Commercial Law and Law no. 23/2010 concerning the commercial activity and their executed resolutions and the annexed Articles of Association. It is one of the Libyan companies that operate in the field of the services of shipping, agencies, logistics, seaports, customs clearing and shipment from the main global seaports to the Libyan seaports and reverse and undertake the processes of entering into contract for the shipment and work in the long-term with the sectors,

features offered by Amial Co.

* Speed in facilitating measures.
* Integral work team with high experience. ** * * *
* Offering the best prices.
* Punctuality.

Our slogan

******* "we make the world in your hands" *******
******* ******* ******* *******
******* ******* *******
******* *******

Our principle

Our commitment to the principle of health , safety and environment.
***** *****

Solutions of the series of supplies

The experts of Amial can design distinguished solutions that line with the necessities of your business through the wide relationships we enjoy and the multiple resources in many countries around the world. Through our utilization of multiple developable and amendable measures and the resort also to a network of universal experts, we employ all our experience to innovate logistic solutions to adapt to the much dynamic and specialized markets . We provide for you appropriate measures, equipment and the special concern to set down better vision to manage the series of supplies or provide the costs or manage the stock and design integral and specialized services.

The full understanding of our business

we listen carefully to your requests and work towards the accurate understanding of challenges that face your business.


we undertake the analysis of your business by using quantitative means to determine the opportunities of evolution and improvement.


application of the designed solution for you especially in order to realize efficiency and efficacy in work.

Laying out accurate plan

determine the sites of utilities and transport modes and recommendation of the necessary resources.

Designing solutions

we work together towards developing new thoughts and design specialized solutions and determine constructive performance measurements in the field of our business.

Quality guarantee

we offer a periodical report on performance in order to check the fulfillment of all our obligations and determine the improvement factors.

Services of maritime transport

Our Process

  • book our service

  • we pack our things

  • we move you things

  • delevery you safely


It is all that is related to the shipment, unloading and storing goods and also their delivery to the customer from destination to the location of customer.
We help you in developing and promoting your business through specialized logistic guidance.
It is difficult to undertake any global trade, either import or export or the process of transporting goods and various supplies, without professional logistic support.
Therefore, Amial Logistic Shipment Co. helps you manage logistics related to you and we have experts in this field and we offer you an integral group of services to facilitate the process of orienting shipment.